eve. rise. shine.

We’re obsessed with the power of sleep and the way it can fill your day with sunny optimism and the energy to be at your best. So, we’re spreading the word far and wide.

our story

Back in 2015, our bright-eyed, bushy-haired founders had a little brainwave. If we’re honest, it wasn’t really a stroke of genius. They were just frustrated. When did buying a great mattress get sooooo hard? Traipsing around stores, briefly lying on a bed with your shoes on, only to be sold something way too expensive and just that bit underwhelming. You’d think in a world where you can order a taxi at the click of your fingers, you’d be able to get tip-top sleep a little easier, and try it out at home before you committed the next ten years of your (night) life? Fast-forward and here we are. eve sleep. With four wonderfully different mattresses to choose from, a 100-night at-home trial and a whole host of other sleep-inducing goodies, all delivered straight to your door. Simples.

our mission

Yep. We know. A total cliche. Our ‘mission’. But we don’t know what else to call it. It’s easy for us to say you’d be a little bit happier if you slept well but it isn’t always as simple as just jumping into bed and snuggling down. Sleep isn’t a one size fits all. That’s why we’re trying to make better sleep accessible to every single person. Whether it’s through our carefully designed sleep products, partnerships with experts and professionals or campaigns to protect people’s right to sleep, we are here to give you the sleep you need to rise and shine. So there we go, our ‘mission’ – to make your world a happier, healthier place through better sleep and brighter mornings. We’ll get off our soapbox now…

find the perfect routine

Adjusting to a new routine shouldn’t be rocket science. Use our routine calculator to calculate an expert-approved routine that optimises winding down for a brilliant sleep, so you can rise and shine everyday.

detangle your mind

Try our bedtime meditations.

get moving

We don’t mean a scary exercise video. But a lack of movement can really impact our sleep, and that’s one thing we don’t want to compromise right now. That’s why we’ve curated a handy stretch and flex guide to iron out those niggles and knots, so you can move smoothly through each day and rest better at night.

the eve dream quiz

Ever pondered the meaning of your dreams, from the mundane to the strangely prescient? Perhaps you never remember your dreams, or wonder if you dream at all? Whatever sort of dreamer you are, it can say a lot about how you’re feeling, and how you’re sleeping.