ASMR erotica

Let’s not beat around the bush, orgasms are fricking fun. However, the benefits of some ‘me’ time in the sheets goes beyond pleasure. It helps with mental clarity, health (hello post-sex glow) and most importantly, sleep! Enter eve sleep and ASMR erotica...


your sneak peak

let’s talk about sex (and sleep), baby

ASMR has blown up recently becoming one of the hottest sleep trends to date. Apparently it can send you to the land of nod in 5 minutes. Mind. Blown. Throw in sex and all the benefits of a pre-bedtime orgasm, and you’ve got a wonderful recipe for a night of deep, deep sleep and a positively glorious morning. So we thought, what better way to relieve those every-day stresses and get you in the mood for some frisky fumbling than by giving you an ASMR erotica experience. You heard right. We’ve paired the nation’s favourite erotic novel with a bit of ASMR magic to set those pulses racing. Hold on tight, because you’ll want to let yourself go after watching our video (and we’re all for that)

right to sleep

You might be wondering though how this links to what we’re trying to do here at eve sleep. Good question. Well, you’ve probably heard that we’re currently on a mission to improve sleep-wellness, and we’re even fighting for sleep to be recognised as a fundamental human right. So if we forgot about all the wonderful benefits sex has on sleep we would be missing a trick wouldn’t we? Orgasms help you to sleep soundly so that you can jump out of bed ready to rise, shine and seize the day. And we’ll do whatever it takes to give everyone the chance to get that ‘slept like a king’ feeling. Every. Single. Day.