finding the best pillow for you

Soft, squishy, supportive or solid. What’s the best pillow to go for? Kind of like buying a new hat, finding the right pillow is about picking one that suits. And with so much advice out there it can leave us feeling a bit muddled.

the eve pillow buying guide

That’s where our pillow buying guide comes in. See it as your nifty one-stop shop for all things pillows, because choosing the best pillow shouldn’t be rocket science. And with three eve pillow types to choose from, it’s time to get clued up before you make your move.

How do I know when I need a new pillow?

We all want to get the best sleep and pillows are as essential for a good night’s sleep as butter is to crumpets. But the tricky part is knowing when to change your pillow before it starts to take its toll on your precious zzz’s - something neither morning larks or night owls want to compromise on.

Apart from pesky aches and pains creeping in, your pillow going past its ‘use by date’ can often take place undercover (pun intended). Research shows you should change your pillow every 2-3 years for a more hygienic sleep - and to ensure your sleep companion is supporting you in all the right ways.

Other signs that you might need to replace your pillow include lumps, stains, pesky headaches and a rigorous re-plumping session every night. And while it’s hard to let go of our pillows (they are the holders of our secrets after all), the next big challenge is knowing which pillow to buy.

Read on to get clued up on choosing the right pillow (and why choosing eve might be the best decision you ever make).

How do I pick the perfect pillow for me?

It’s a fact: we all sleep differently. From side sleepers to tummy floppers and roaring snorers, all of our needs differ which means there’s no one size fits all when it comes to buying the best pillow.

Luckily, our range of delightfully comfy pillows is as versatile as it is handily-designed and each comes in the standard UK pillowcase size of 50 x 70cm. So all you have to do is decide which pillow type sounds like the one for you.

the pillow for side sleepers: Almost 3 quarters of our sleepy nation get their top quality rest on their side, so it’s safe to say that side sleeping is a thing. Introducing our microfibre pillow; the best pillow for side sleepers, it’s supportive wedge shape has a chunkier side that supports your spine and neck while you’re in (sideways) dreamtown. It also doubles up as a brilliant pregnancy pillow.

the pillow for stomach sleepers: The truth about sleeping is that we often can’t help what position we end up in. And if that position tends to be on your stomach, then our microfibre pillow could be your partner in crime. A multi-talented pillow that’s great for spinal alignment and supporting your neck, choose this one for top quality comfort. Or if it’s next level softness you’re after, try our snuggle pillow, a delectably comfy pillow filled with luxurious microfibre. Fancy.

the pillow for back sleepers: A firm favourite among ceiling-gazers across Britain, our memory foam pillow is the best pillow for back sleepers. Memory foam is not only incredibly comfy but it also supports your head and neck while you get your starfish on. Plus, its breathable mesh cover keeps it nicely fresh.

the bit-of-everything pillow: Not quite sure where you fit on the sleeper scale? No problem. Our microfibre pillow is great for midnight wrigglers and gives just enough squish to mould to your body whether you’re on your front, side, or any other position that takes your sleepy fancy. The true combination sleeper’s pillow.


What’s the best pillow filling?

When it comes to choosing the right pillow, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Different pillow fillings have different purposes, so read on to discover the best pillow for you from the eve range.

memory foam: Memory foam pillows are popular for their ability to mould to our bodies and provide essential support to our heads and necks - great for side sleepers with neck pain or as a knee support while you zzz away.

microfibre: Possibly the cleverest of fillings, microfibre pillows have a sublimely soft filling on the outside with a firm filing in the middle, giving you the best of both worlds. Ours is the best pillow for all types of sleepers - a true all-rounder.

super soft fibres: Our snuggle pillow is stuffed with a glorious blend of cosy microfibres that give it a fancy hotel pillow-type feel. With a 100% cotton cover that’s supremely soft to touch, it’s the kind of pillow type that makes you jump into bed - and not want to leave the next morning.


Should I wash my pillows?

There’s nothing quite like jumping into a fresh bed. But how can we keep our pillows clean and fresh? As with all of our eve products, it’s all in the detail, so each of our sublimely comfy pillows comes with a washable cotton cover. You can also whack on a pillow protector for extra protection.

Plus, our microfibre pillows can be chucked in the washing machine every couple of months to keep them sparkly clean and mite-free. If you’re unsure whether you can wash your pillow, simply check the handy care label.

And don’t be afraid to give your pillows a spot clean. After taking the time to choose the best pillow for endless great sleeps and brighter mornings, it’s only fair to keep your chosen one as fresh as a daisy.


How do I break in my new pillows?

Getting used to anything new can take time, and the same goes for a new pillow. You might find you’ve had the best night’s sleep ever after your first night, but don’t worry if it’s not an immediate match made in heaven (other things might come into play too, like a great routine or winding down).

It can be a toughie to know how much time it takes to adjust to a new pillow. Thankfully, our pillow trial gives you 14 nights of luscious sleep to make up your mind on your new sleeping companion. Not only does it have to feel just right, but it can help you decide on how many pillows you need (desperate for another snuggle pillow? No problem).


Time to start your new pillow love story?

So you’ve decided the time is right to move onto buy a new pillow - hats off to you. Our pillows are by our side (rather, under our heads) through thick and thin, for moments big and small - like cradling that sprained ankle to soaking up our tears - and saying goodbye can be harder than we thought.

That’s why we’re celebrating them in our Pillow Love Story. Because pillows really are the unsung heroes of the bedroom - and every hero deserves a great send off.


a pillow love story

time to get crafty

Have you ever thought about pillow recycling or what to do with old pillows? While we can’t lob our pre-loved pillows in the recycling bin or take them to charity, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

We’ve teamed up with the talented artisans at LoveCrafts who have come up with inventive ways to give old pillows a new lease of life - and you don’t have to be a star crafter to make them, either. Check out their how-to video below to get started.

upcycle your pillow