taking care of your eve mattress

Congratulations on your brand new, box-fresh, snuggly eve mattress.

Whether you’ve got the original, premium, hybrid or light, each mattress is unboxed in the same way and needs some TLC, so here are some handy tips to help get things off to the perfect start.

how do I set up my new mattress?

First things first, how the dickens are you going to get that rather large new mattress of yours out of its box? Don’t worry; it’s actually pretty easy. So have a stretch, queue up your favourite 80’s montage music, and we’ll get started…

First, lay the box down sideways on top of your bed. Try and hold off from climbing on and pulling the covers over you just yet - there’s still a few more steps to go.


Step 2

Next, open out both ends of the box and push the mattress through on to your bed. We recommend keeping the box in case you want to build a Wendy House later.


Step 3

Now, carefully remove the outer plastic film. It’s probably time to pop the kettle on.


Step 4

Time for the fun bit: unrolling your new mattress. It’s pretty impressive watching how quickly it grows, right?


Step 5

Once it’s opened all the way out, flip it like a gymnast on Pancake Day. The side with the eve label is the side you’ll sleep on. This bit’s in bold because sometimes people forget which way up the mattress should be. Anyways. Now just position the mattress centrally, making sure that little eve label is at the foot of the bed.


Step 6

You’re nearly at the finish line. All that’s left to do is tear that protective plastic covering off and you’re there. Maybe give it 4 - 6 hours to grow lovely and plump before you hop in. In the meantime, that kettle’s probably boiled by now. Tea?


Step 7

And that’s it. You’re done. Let us be the first to wish you both many wonderful sleeps together, followed by happy, healthy days.